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Click here to download the complete Partnership Prospectus (13Kb pdf file).

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  1. ICP President's message.
  2. Introduction to the ICP.
  3. Partnership structure.

lvincent icp president 20131. President’s Message

On behalf of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP), I thank you for considering the ICP community as a unique and targeted marketing channel for your activities. 

The ICP supports school principals and assistant principals around the world. We have over 160,000 members, a strong regional structure that provides a range of support and services indicative of a proactive professional association. The ICP works with and on behalf of principal class associations to ensure that principal welfare and quality learning environments in schools are the key objectives on the education agenda. The ICP provides assistance to member associations to help them to provide a voice at the highest levels on behalf of their members. The ICP also works hard to produce papers that assist members to lobby the Government and statutory bodies to resource schools appropriately and to ensure that the educational and social needs of the students in those schools are properly addressed.

Through the ICP, you will be provided with a range of opportunities to develop social capital within the global community providing a vital link in your overall business strategy in developing and maintaining business relationships. 

Your support is valuable as the ICP strives to make a difference at a regional and global level to the pivotal role of the principal and school leadership in education.

The ICP looks forward to your support. 

Lisa Vincent
ICP President

2. Introduction to the ICP

The ICP is a professional association consisting of over 160,000 school leaders of primary and secondary schools and from all sectors – government, and nongovernment.  Our prime concern is the support and welfare of school leaders and the national associations who lead them. It is deliberately and consciously apolitical and deals with issues on their merit.

The ICP was founded in 1990 by 9 nations: Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USSR, UK, and USA. Since then it has grown to include more countries and organisations and has a constitution, a set of bylaws and a strategic plan which reflects a growing need to provide support to school leaders all over the world.

The nations that are represented by their peak national principal associations on the Council are: Australia, Canada, Peoples Republic of China, Finland, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho, Singapore, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, England and Wales, Scotland, Uganda, United States of America, Zambia and Sweden.

Our vision is to link and support the international community of school principal organisations to enhance their members learning and the life opportunities of their students. We aim to encourage a sense of belonging to the world-wide community of school leaders by:

  • Encouraging closer relationships among principals of all nations.
  • Promoting and enhancing the image and professionalism of the principalship.
  • Promoting the exchange of people and professional publications among the constituent groups and encouraging participation in meetings and conferences across national boundaries.
  • Fostering school curricula that encourage international understanding and good will and a respect for human rights and dignity across all races and cultures.
  • Promoting the rights and responsibilities of principals and also their professional organisations and the material and ethical interests of the education profession.
  • Promoting and encouraging equal opportunities for all young persons to learn and develop to their fullest potential in achieving a respectable and productive quality of life.
  • Developing a program of activities consistent with the purposes of the organisation.

The governing body of the ICP is the ICP Council. It is responsible for all decisions and policy of the ICP. It is responsible for admitting new members, overseeing the ICP finances and making all decisions as to future ICP activities and initiatives. The Council is made up of each member association. The day-to-day affairs of the Confederation are managed by an Executive. The Executive consists of the President, President Elect or the Immediate Past President and three members elected by the Council. They meet two or three times a year. The make-up of the Executive may change in 2009 as a result of changes that have been requested by the Council. The ICP informs school leader associations and their members about current issues, seeks their input in order to maintain and develop recommendations to appropriate organisations such as the WHO, UNESCO and the OECD.  The strength of the ICP is its capacity to reach individual school leaders through the e-mail distribution lists of member associations and their websites and to provide each association member with the opportunity to input into informed discussion of current global issues of interest to school leaders and government and non-government organisations. 

In partnership with national principal associations, the ICP organises professional development programs, including a biennial convention. The ICP employs its own staff, including an Executive Secretary and an Online Content Manager. 

3. Partnership Structure

The ICP has developed 3 levels of partnership categories that have been designed to incorporate various levels of exposure. The two core categories are Premier Partner and Supporting Partners, and feature category exclusivity for your product and/or service offering.

The pages in the attached document outline the opportunities available for each of those categories. The dollar amounts are in United States Dollars. The investment levels are as follows:
• 1 Premier Partner - $75,000
• 3 Supporting Partners -$25,000
• Associate Partners - $2,000 - $20,000 (Package details and pricing developed in consultation with the ICP Executive Secretary) .

Click here to download the complete Partnership Prospectus (13Kb pdf file).


If you are a member of an organisation that is affiliated with the ICP, send an email to the ICP Executive Secretary to apply to register for the Members Area of this website.

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