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What is the International
Confederation of Principals?

The ICP is a global association of school leadership organisations. It has over 40 members, made up of school leadership associations. Each member is itself a major organisation that supports the professional development and work of school leaders.

We have formed a purposeful network which develops and encourages opportunities in an inclusive, affiliated, democratic manner.

The ICP represents over 200,000 school leaders across five continents and, as such, commands a unique global position as a major voice for school education. The ICP is non-political and non-sectarian.

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What’s Happening

ICP celebrates the contribution made by long serving members and Past Presidents. Visit the About page – life memberships to find out more.

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ICP and Virgin Pulse partner to bring members the Global Challenge 2018. This partnership is about working together to improve educators’ health and well-being.

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Fiona Forbes

President's Message

'leading with a growth mindset'

It is my intention to preside over positive changes in our organisation that reflect the educational change taking place around the world. ICP is at the cutting edge of thought and practice, and it will play a very important role as this change takes place.

One area of change, is Mindset and School Leadership.

In 1936, one of the pioneers of social psychology, Kurt Lewin, wrote a simple equation that changed the way we think about habits and human behaviour. That equation is as relevant today as it was in 1936 - behaviour is a function of the person in their environment, behaviour is a function of the person in their environment. This too mirrors our positions as school leaders as we are the active agents in our school environments, influencing our particular contexts.

There are three known facts for school leaders:

  • our context and environment plays a vital role in successful educational change and outcomes.
  • how the school leader develops the school culture has a direct impact on all who work and learn in their school.
  • our skills in relational leadership are vital to the success for all who work and learn in our schools.  

Many leadership standards around the world exemplify Lewin’s theory to some degree.  

In the now -  the 21st Century,  we see that researchers have further developed their understanding of the way the human brain works, and through links again with psychology, many theories abound.  

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