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In the last few months I have been working with the ICP Executive on our Strategic Intent 2018 – 2020.  With its goal to ‘focus on what is best for students in our schools through quality school leadership.' 

This year our Strategic Intent will be a web-based document.  We are working hard to make it simple and interactive, so that members can see directly where their feedback has contributed to developing our plan.  Each of the four focus themes will have a more detailed yearly organisational plan developed for and by ICP Executive in order to achieve the stated target.  Progress towards the targets will be evaluated at each Council meeting in the coming years.  We hope to have the plan available and on our website by the end of March/early April.

This year is also significant with the launch of our partnership with Virgin Pulse through the Global Challenge.  This exciting deal will benefit ICP members with a heavily discounted registration fee for their schools.  We are very proud of the fact that we have been able to have two tiers in pricing with one for developed countries and another for developing countries (according to World Bank data).  This firmly demonstrates ICP’s willingness to embrace equity for our members wherever we can.  There are two Challenge opportunities per year. 

The first Challenge begins in May and registrations open on February 5th.  The second begins in September and registrations will open in the middle of this year.  This initiative comes directly from working with Professor Phil Riley from the Australian Catholic University.  Phil has worked with ICP to get this initiative to fruition and believes that work-life balance, wellness and wellbeing are all essential components to longevity in our work.  His research has demonstrated the importance for Principals to take care of themselves and in turn those who work with them.  Professor Riley’s research will benefit from your participation in the Global Challenge as well. 

An email message and link has already been sent to all Member Associations.

We have a few things of interest to school leaders coming up this year and the first of these will be our new Webinar series.  The series will have three moderated sessions over the year and will run on a Tuesday.  We are very excited to be bringing you three sessions on three cutting edge topics.  The first of these will be in April with the topic of Ethical Leadership.  More information will be on the website and coming out to members in February.  Mark Tuesday April 10th in your diaries and plan to participate. 

So as we move into 2018 we bring you opportunities to find balance at work, new international professional development opportunities with our webinar series and of course an opportunity to network via social media, the website and our annual face–to-face Council meeting this year in Killarney  - Ireland in August. 

A full year of school leadership advocacy and promotion globally keeping in mind our goal to‘focus on what is best for students in our schools through quality school leadership’.


So, to a fabulous 2018 - Every student, everyday in every school.


Yours in education



January 22, 2018




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