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Building for a sustainable Future - from Perth to Maastricht and Cape Town 2017


ICP Council Meeting took place in the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia and in many ways we can say that the Perth Council meeting opened up new areas for ICP not only with decisions that we made but also with a new model or composition of Council meetings. The revised model was created from Member feedback. The meeting was divided in two parts: official Council meetings and Leaders Forum, where attendees have a great opportunity to learn and collaborate together in a forum that can inform ICP advocacy and development.

During the year 2016, the ICP Executive has been working to build a new model for the organisation. It is strongly based on the strategy work that was started in Helsinki and further refined at Executive meetings in Toronto and Cape Town.

After the Helsinki Convention ICP Executive decided to concentrate on some of the key elements of our organisation. Those were an information strategy, new modern outfit of organisation, membership program, council and executive handbook, economy and conventions. One of the most crucial decision was that we decided not to continually talk about our past, but to use the past and the present, use that history and contribution to drive our new future.

 As many of you have already noticed, ICP is now working under a new logo and trademark. This year, we have noticed that our role and recognition as the only world - wide player in the field of education leadership, has been rising to a new level of significance. One of the key things is our visibility and our active role as an informer. Not only for our members, but also linking other world - wide organisations to connect and hear the voices of international school leaders. We are pretty sure that this new role is very suitable for ICP. It will offer new kinds of opportunities for our members and it gives ICP a new platform for professional and economic growth. Actually we are very sure that our trademark now has a high value in the education "market", which give us a more promising future and more wind under the wings.

Some of the very practical changes also connect to our membership program and base. The world of education changes rapidly and ICP have noticed that there is a group of new kind of organisations who would like to be our partners or members. All of them are no longer principals associations but merely education leaders organisations, reseachers’ coalitions or combinations of all of categories.

In neat future ICP could be an organisation that open the doors for all of our members to a new kind of collaboration, which gathers together a ‘top class’ of world leaders and researchers in the field of education. This new model, a bigger umbrella is a huge opportunity for us and after Perth Council we are ready to start to find a new partners.

Some evidence of very practical work is the Council and Executive handbook. Both were developed in response to members’ request for the information. We would like to see that in the future attendees are more ready to work on the goals of ICP when they attend Council. We need everybody on Council and Executive to know - what are we doing, how we are doing to, and when we are doing our jobs. On one level the handbook is our book of values: they set out our standards and expectations and of course our performance over time or over our careers.

At the Perth AGM we made some very important decisions. After Helsinki Convention our economical situation is very stable. The next convention in September 2017,  will be in Cape Town. The 2019 Convention found a host with the Academy of Principals Singapore ready to take on the challenge and now we are looking forward to see a competition of 2021.

Three new members of Executive were also elected. Mrs. Alta van Heerden continues as the African Rep. Mr Rob Nairn continues as the General Rep and Dr. Peter Kent from ASCL will start as the new European Rep. We have a great team who together will continue to make our organisation, the ICP even stronger.

After Perth I have a great opportunity to be a speaker and participant in African Principals Council in Cape Town. More than 900 Principals enjoyed a great program and one of the most lively concept of education conference. I can truly say that I spent one of the most memorable time in Cape Town. It was a combination of laughter, tears, emotions, intellectual challenge and of course, lions. After this convention I am very sure that ICP convention 2017 will be a great success.

 As 2016 is coming to its last months, my time of presidency is also coming to a close. Next week I will take part in the ESHA biannual conference in Maastricht. I will meet the ESHA Board and President Clive Byrne with our President Elect Fiona Forbes. One step towards sustainability is that Fiona and I have worked very close together this autumn. I am quite sure that it will continue also 2017 when Fiona takes up her President post. It has been my pleasure to serve you; it has been eyes opening for the Boy from North Country.


President of International Confederation of Principals ( 2015/16)


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